Autonomous transaction to the rescue

By Patch ~ August 25th, 2015. Filed under: Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL.

Today, at my current project, I came across an issue where autonomous transactions came in handy.

The situation: I need to create a query to perform an export. A couple of the fields to be selected come from a global temporary table, nothing fancy so far except this global temporary table is filled by a (rather complex) procedure. Another problem is this table is emptied for every row, i.e. it will contain only one row at a time. ‘Just build a wrapper table function for this procedure and have that function call the procedure’ was my first idea.

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What’s this ‘WHERE 1=1′?

By Patch ~ March 22nd, 2015. Filed under: Oracle, Plugins, SQL.

Since some time I have been adding WHERE 1=1 to all my queries.
I get queries like this:

  FROM emp e
 WHERE 1=1
   AND e.ename LIKE 'A%'
   AND e.deptno = 20

Lots of people ask me what’s the use of this WHERE 1=1.

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Write My Essay For Me Com

By Administrator ~ March 9th, 2015. Filed under: Uncategorized.

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Numeric sorting an alphanumeric column

By Patch ~ March 8th, 2015. Filed under: Oracle, SQL.

The other day a customer came up to me and said: I have this column that holds numeric data, usually. But when I sort it it gets all messed up, because is sorts it alphanumerically. That is 10 is listed before 2 etc.

My first suggestion was: well, sort by TO_NUMBER(column) then.

Well, he replied, that can’t be done. Sometimes the column contains alphanumeric data.

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Is it unique?

By Patch ~ October 5th, 2014. Filed under: Oracle, SQL.

The other day one of my colleagues said something like: ‘Hey, this is strange. Oracle is not working correctly’. My first thought is then: ‘well, you probably didn’t specify you requirements correctly’. What was the problem? A unique index was created on a table to implement a business rule which can be rephrased into ‘One-Manager-Per-Department’. This includes multiple columns where any combination is allowed, but only one manager is allowed per department.

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